I hate the voice so much itís the only show Iíve ever boycotted yep still watched Jeremy after a 70 year old lass was accused of having hanky panky with a 18 year old and Pete Burns never made me turn of celeb big brother or Snog, Marry, Avoid but the fact that Jessie J and Daniel OíDonnell (as well as Tom Jones and Will.I.am at least they were bigger then Five ever were when they said no even so donít excuse the fact a mistake was made not to let Sean Conlon through) did not let Sean Conlon from Five through who do they think they are?

Both Jessie J and Daniel OíDonnell from The Script have not had as many number 1s or as long a chart career as Five so who the hell are they to turn down not only a bigger artist then themselves but have turned down something that would have very well kept the ratings way up above Britainís Got Talent throughout the show not way down below and I canít be the only Five fan in the country as there are 1000s on youtube/ facebook and thatís just scratching the surface in fact apart from the axeing of the News Of The World(Crims or no crims The News Of The World was still the UKís biggest selling Sunday Paper up till the end) and the axeing of turkey twizzlers (Es or no es they still sold a good portion of the turkey market when it wasínt Xmas till the end and back in the day I thought Es used to be good, Jamie Oliver deserves a lump of coal in his stocking) this turning down of Sean Conlon from Five has got to be the biggest disgrace in the history of this country or at least going back to when there was a king in the united kingdom (thereís a point the UK is called the Kingdom but itís got a Queen why not United Queendom?) cos Five were popular and would have made the voice a bigger commercial sucsess and the UK people have Sean Conlon from Five who is in demand taken away from them via a decision in this case by 4 pop stars.

Also this man is entitled to some exposure from the media following his axing I mean the only band to get a number 1 from rocking out with Queen after Five was N-Dubz and for god sake Tulisa from that band is a judge on the X Factor she has the power that the judges on the voice have though I think a better competition the X Factor is as Sean Conlon from Five would have got through at least they have more then 10 singers per judge and also the public have viewed Ben Adams from A1ís limelight on celeb big brother and for Peteís sake a appearance from Northern Line on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Five were 1 of the biggest boybands of the late 90s and early 00s much bigger then flippin Northern Line even murderers like Leslie Grantham and Peados like Gary Glitter get more exposure then Sean Conlon from Five are getting, Sean Conlon from Five deserves better then this treatment he should have what heís entitled to a bit of celeb limelight on celeb big brother and a appearance on a advert for carpet cleaner like rocker from 20 years ago Chesney Hawkes has had in recent years I mean I used to head bang to Everybody Get Up I would have gone as far to say Five were 1 of the baddest boy bands of the 90s, the only boy band badder then Fiver were East 17 and the royals get down to House Of Love and thatís a bloody classic but Five deserved to play at the Jubilee concert Sean Conlon from Five deserves to be a judge on the voice, Sean Conlon from Five deserves to be a sir and Five deserve a award for a outstanding contribution to music but Sean Conlon from Five certainly deserves better then not getting through on the voice so until Sean Conlon from Five getís a apology from The Voice and Sean Conlon getís some limelight he deserve I am boycotting it what do you guys and girls think?