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Thread: Christmas season getting longer. could here become like phillipines?

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    Christmas season getting longer. could here become like phillipines?

    Except for in stores, Christmas events and stuff used to have start dates that did not change much each year, that is until very recently. Now, everything christmas related seems to start to have it's date changed earlier than the year before in the english speaking world. I am wondering why the spirit of christmas fair in london, england is now making it's way out of november into october. It was november last year and this year it has been moved to october 30th right in halloween territory. I thought christmas things were always after halloween. Could this be a sign that that barrier will soon be history? we will find out in the coming years. If Canada could become like the phillipines it would be so nice and I don't mean the weather, but their 4 month christmas season considered acceptable by the general public there. the phillipines is proof that there is nothing wrong with starting the christmas season in september because theirs is not commercial driven but because they like christmas so much.
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