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Thread: Adult Children Living with Parents

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaMike View Post
    My biggest problem is that it has damaged the relationship between MY family and my parents. There is this massive feeling of inequality that I have a hard time dealing with. They are basically getting a free ride, and making no significant attempt to improve their situation and get out. My parents are not willing to put them "out on the street", but I feel they are taking advantage of the situation.
    I tried to read the thread and all posts very carefully and I have to admit that, even if Im not a parent, I believe your parents got into a really difficult situation, just and only just, because they love their kid..

    It seems to me, that your sister and husband did not ''make the right moves''..
    I think (and Im sorry If Im getting too much in your family matters..) that husband should not quit job, especially this period, the most important for a family with a new member...
    I think, this is the period that husband has to be responsible for his family and bring stability to home..

    To pursue our dream, is what we all want, tell me one who would not want to... But, the question is: Can we do it, without bring problems to others and especially our family???
    Cause, if we want to, we then first should be ok with our responsibilities.. And that is our family, our baby and our home..

    I think, that, if we all come to Mikes position, we would all probably do the same thing, as his parents did..
    The thing for me, is: Does your sister and brother in law have realised into what problems this situation have brought to families??
    And I wonder, why your parents move and leave their house?? Are they tired with this situation? By moving to another city, is this a way, maybe, for them to make the couple become more responsible and take life in their hands finally?

    Im sorry, if I write something that does not sound very good to you, I just wanted to express what I got inside, reading your thread..

    With all my respect, to you and your family, dear Mike.
    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless us!! Everyone!!''
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    i know this thread is old but it struck a chord with me (i must not have been posting much back then). i've also been struggling with what is basically for me sibling rivalry and parents favoriting and enabling my younger sis who is of the entitlement generation. a situation very similar to yours, Mike, has recently arose. But it's a situation that I knew long ago was coming...and now I have only to see where the chips fall, so to speak...but i kind of already know where this is headed.

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    UPDATE: My parents decided to put off any plans of moving to Las Vegas in the near term. Meanwhile, their neighbor lost his house to foreclosure, and has moved out. He has allowed my sister, her husband and daughter to move in there until the authorities decide to force them out. parents have their house back, at least for a awhile. Although, nothing has changed as far as either of them working to support their family. They go to my parents' house when they need household items and just take them. I will say that with OUR efforts, the relationship between MY family and my parents has improved. Baby steps, I guess.
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