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Thread: NON-EDIBLE applesauce cinnamon ornaments

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    :gingerbread: NON-EDIBLE applesauce cinnamon ornaments

    I make these every 2 yrs to hang on garland, gifts, the tree and the smell lasts forever. What holds them together is a 1tsp of elmers glue..
    ***They are NON EDIBLE! But the glue isn't dangerous so if any lil ones take a bite out of curiousity. no worries!

    1/4 cup applesauce 1/4 cup cinnamon 1 Tsp. white glue

    Pour all ingredients in a plastic zip bag.

    seal the bag and knead until a dough is formed

    **(if dough is too wet and sticky add a little more cinnamon)

    Roll dough out on a cutting board or counter sprinkled with cinnamon (to prevent sticking.)

    Cut shapes with cookie cutters and make hanging holes using a drinking straw.

    Let ornaments air dry a few days in a warm dry area,

    It's important to be sure that you flip them over a few times each day to ensure they lay flat.

    When dry, string with ribbon and hang.

    You can also decorate with glitter glue and paint.
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