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    Exclamation Trinidad & Tobago carnival 2012

    'Red Ants' during Trinidad Carnival 2008.

    this dirty one is called J'ouvert

    & if your not this brave there are other bands that are covered up
    This year is the first year in my adult life that I actually played mas ALONE. Could you imagine how unsettling the idea of playing mas alone in one of these big bands would make you feel? This year I took it upon myself to be the fearless leader that I can be and step out from under the shade of bikini and beads and try something “different”. I love my mas like any other Trinidadian but for the past few years I questioned myself as to why I play with these big bands, pay all this money and get practically the same costume and experience every year. The artist in me was looking for something more that the Vegas showgirl/pretty mas situation. Not much option other than, maybe Mac Farlene. As much as I admire MacFarlane’s drive to design mas that essentially says something and has some concrete thought behind it, still too much fabric for me.

    Trinidad and Tobago's annual Carnival festival -- the biggest and best in the Caribbean, and one of the top public celebrations in the world -- varies from year to year depending upon the Lenten calendar. Here are the 2012-2020 dates for Trinidad's Carnival - or at least Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the "official" celebration days, although the party always starts at least the previous Friday:
    • 2012: Feb. 20-21
    • this is the link here 4 dates & such

    were known for our steel band , rythem our music is very sensual our women are
    beautiful judge for your self we also have kiddies mass .

    Kiddie Carnival
    Smiling girl during Trinidad's Kiddie Carnival
    © Bob Curley

    here is another link have fun watching the greatest show on Earth

    and this one is the pretty mass any one can play

    HARTS CARNIVAL's Photos - INDIVIDUAL Costumes!

    Absolutely AMAZING Individuals! I have to give it to HARTS for having the best female individuals this year...they're just GLORIOUS!

    HARTS, theme: Planet Rock, section: Andesine (individual)TRIBE's Mayan Eagle male individual kills all competition point blank...but HARTS is just WOWWWW!

    HARTS, theme: Planet Rock, section: Citrine (individual)
    A look back at a HARTS 2010 male individual costume (last year was their 50th anniversary in the business, and still family-owned!):

    Dead Sea from K2K**
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