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Thread: is it over for you?

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    is it over for you?

    I count December as Christmas time - right up until new years, but I went into the supermarket yesterday (boxing day) and they had taken down ALL of their Christmas stock and decorations!

    For me, Christmas is about more than just Christmas day... There's loads of food left, the children are still buzzing with the magic of Christmas, memories of quality family time are fresh in our minds, we have loads of new toys to play with... Boxing day is definately still Christmas to me, as we have always gone round my Nan's the day after Chistmas for as long as I can remember. There's cold left overs, snack foods, Christmas crackers and a few more presents to unwrap and all in the company of our lovely big family :-)

    The spirit of Christmas is still very much alive for me and my family. While the fire may be dwindling, the embers will still be hot for a while :-)

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    The spirit of Christmas is never over me, I just carry it over to all the other holidays until it's December again

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    I agree...why does the world want to turn off Christmas on December 26th? It makes me sad...I saw several people taking down their decorations yesterday...I am not going to let a calendar tell me when to celebrate Christmas! I will celebrate it all year and just wait for the world to catch up in December!

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    For me the official holiday season runs through January 2nd!
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    Most folks around here who put up outside lights will keep them on through New Year's Eve. I will begin to take them down on Jan 2nd. That's also when we take down the tree and decorations. I've never "turned it off" on the 26th. That just doesn't seem right. I am lit up from Thanksgiving to New Year's.
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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    Hubby and I wore Christmas jammies all day and watched Christmas movies. Then after dark we went out for a drive and looked at Christmas lights.

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