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Thread: Christmas Poetry

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    :tree: Christmas Poetry

    I thought I would share a poem I wrote about Christmas


    I used to wait for December zero one
    But waiting is boring and never much fun
    So I decided to change to first of November
    I thought the date I would always remember

    But then I decided I just couldnít wait
    So I changed to October, it seemed it was fate
    But Iím just too impatient waiting caused too much pain
    Thatís when I decided to change dates again

    So September zero one was the date that I chose
    I couldnít see any cons, but I saw lots of pros
    But this year came around and I still couldnít wait
    I needed relief cause waitingís one thing I hate

    So August zero one it now has to be
    If you drive by my house Christmas lights you will see
    My face gives a smile and my heartís filled with glee
    When I turn on the Christmas lights and watch a Christmas movie

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    And another one I wrote for the guys and gals at work


    Santa visited SAW for Christmas
    To see the staff, students and CO
    He would have loved to stay
    But he really had to go

    Cause he didn’t sign the book
    And he didn’t get a visitors pass
    He had no one to escort him
    So Jules kicked him out on his arse

    But he left lots of presents
    For every good girl and boy
    In the hopes of spreading
    Lots of Christmas joy

    There’s something there for everyone
    So Santa achieved his goal
    And as for that meanie Jules
    Well, she’s getting lumps of coal

    So don’t be sad if you missed Santa
    He’ll return again Christmas Eve
    And he’s determined to get revenge on Jules
    Before he has to leave

    So, on Christmas Eve when Jules hears beeping
    She better out of bed quickly roll
    Cause it’s Santa reversing the dump truck
    To deliver all her coal

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    One last post


    It’s almost Christmas
    Just one night to go
    And every boy and girl
    Is just dying to know

    What will Santa bring
    To place under the tree
    Will Santa fill Christmas stockings
    For you and for me

    Will Santa be hungry
    Should we leave out some snacks
    If we look on the roof
    Will we see reindeer tracks

    Does Santa freeze time
    How do reindeer fly
    It’s a wonder they don’t
    Just fall out of the sky

    Can Santa see in a blizzard
    When everything is covered in snow
    If we go on holiday
    Will he know where we go

    Will Santa be warm
    When the weather is so cold
    When was Santa born
    He must be really old

    Children are so inquisitive
    They just want to learn
    When they are looking for answers
    It’s to us adults they turn

    So tuck them snugly in bed
    Tell them to start counting sheep
    Because Santa won’t come
    Until they go to sleep.

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    Another one I wrote yesterday


    In the early hours of morning way before dawn
    I got out of bed with a stretch and a yawn
    Cause something awoke me downstairs I heard noises
    And as I got closer I realised it’s voices

    So I crept down the stairs and to my great surprise
    I saw a jolly man with a twinkle in his eyes
    He had a red coat and hat, and a beard white and thick
    I knew in an instant it must be Saint Nick

    Right there beside him was a little green elf
    Filling three stockings that were hung from the shelf
    So I snuck a bit closer to get a better look
    As Santa reached for his sack and he pulled out a book

    He opened the book and he read from the page
    Dominic wants a parrot with a bright orange cage
    Ondine wants a dolly with a pretty pink dress
    And for Jules a surprise that is sure to impress

    Then he got out the presents, put them under the tree
    Took a cookie from the plate, then he turned and looked at me
    He wished me a Merry Christmas and a joyous new year
    Filled with lots of fun as well as lots of cheer

    He said “when I leave, go to bed and close your eyes
    Or my present to you will not be a surprise”
    Then he flew up the chimney to the top of the house
    I thought he’d be loud, but he was quiet as a mouse

    So I raced back to bed just as fast as I could
    Cause Santa only leaves presents for those who are good
    On the roof I heard the reindeer and the jingling sleigh bell
    I couldn’t wait til morning when my children I could tell

    Next thing I know I’m woken when I hear my children scream
    And then I start to wonder could this all have been a dream
    So I race back downstairs and to my great surprise
    Everything is so perfect I can hardly believe my eyes

    The room is decorated in shades of red and green
    It’s the most wonderful sight that I have ever seen
    Stockings stuffed with presents hanging near the fireplace
    And everyone in the room has a smile upon their face

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