{{Man keep this news coming! THE X FACTOR IS DA BEST PART OF MY YEAR, THE REASON IT IS SO SUCSESSFUL IS NOT COS OF RECORDING VOICES BUT THE FACT DAT PEOPLE LIKE FRANKIE HAVE MELTDOWNS DAT BEAT RIVALS LIKE BIG BROTHER hands down where they MELTDOWN ;-), so forget a singing competition against his group Craig Colton and Marcus Collins or Kelly's girls or Lil Mix dis is a competition against who can have the wildist idea of a good time at nite against big brother contestents such as Jay McKray who alright can handle himself better on screen then Frankie don't snort cocaine on national tv but Frankie is a teenage lad AND A ROCKSTAR which is why he's on the x factor not singing as a chipmunk no offence Johnny Robinson but when it comes to the nitty gritty I bet Frankie's slept wiv more ladyboys then bananas Jay can smash and Frankie can pull a bird who has been done by Jack Tweed and Rex Newark, what a f**king legend so I think he's a winner still got a lot 2 live up 2 get signed by Louie...countinueing from my last post http://www.mrpaparazzi.com/post.aspx?postID=9254 Jedward watching porn makes me glad the media exzist :-), also my last post not the 1 dis post is countinue from but on article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz...-sessions.html has been removed or I can't find it, why it was a brill post wiv comments about legends such as Jedward an Wagner also any way of traceing what it said, sorry 2 be pain but I forgot to save it on wordpad thanks mail online, also I say it as it is just like Frankie Cocozza would love me or hate me I don't care the british public will still make sure Frankie earns more money then who ever wins this year's x factor. :-)people eMail me at Bob_thegamepro@hotmail.co.uk about comments on this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz...-sessions.html regarding names such as Frankie, Jedward, Wagner, Diva Fever, Kitty, Goldie, David Wilder and Johnny Robinson if anyone can get it in origninal text I'm sorry about the lack of save with wordpad but my Sorrento1 laptop is a real pain an the tescos shandy gets 2 my head and made me press 2 many buttons an computer crashed so could no save also I wrote this twice it was less hasty 1st time but it got deleted sorry 4 the technical diffculties guys an common sence no1 can contact me wivout a email adress so it is Bob_thegamepro@hotmail.co.uk thanks people @ mailonline will really apreciate it a big thankyou and wish merry xmas an happy new year... PHEW!}}