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All right people, I understand what you all mean but we should take a step back while we can...it is one week until the big day and it is time to soak it all in!
I have a few more things to pick up and a whole lot of wrapping to do but once that is done that is the time I enjoy best !
Knowing everything can't be more ready for Santa's arrival...

I like to sit up at night (after everyone has gone to bed) ,with the Cristmas tree lite, just listen to Christmas music or watch ,Alistair Sims, Scrooge.

Sipping my "christmas blend" coffee I reminisce of times when I was young and the excitment that Christmas brought to me.

It is something I have done for years and love to do it to this day...I suggest the same to all of you ...take this week and live it to it's fullest and don't let the commercialism control how Christmas makes you feel.

Excellent post! Very wise words... Thank you! And a very merry Christmas, too