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Thread: Explain your name

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    My name is kind of obvious. I love christmas and just added an exclamation mark to make it EXCITING!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fezziwig View Post
    My name is pretty self-explanatory (old) Fezziwig, the former boss of Ebeneser Scrooge when he was a young man. Outside of the fact that I am much younger than him and probably spend more time at the gym-- I've always felt a kinship to that Character from "A Christmas Carol" We both love Christmas .. make it a point to get people into the spirit .. and hate seeing people have to work on the day,

    I remember a couple years back I had to work on a Christmas Eve in a supermarket. The store was busy earlier in the day but in late afternoon it was empty. They said they were gonna send us home early but that never panned out. Eventually I just looked at the couple guys I was working with and said, " To heck with all this, lets go hide in the refrigerator and open up some eggnog." (A big walk in Refrigerator for the stores Milk, Eggs, Cheese, ETC -- the only place without cameras) We hung out in there, drank some eggnogg and talked about what 'Santa' was bringing out Children, Wives, Husbands, etc. Really it turned out to be a good time .. and I was out with more than enough time to have Xmas Eve dinner with the family.
    Fezziwig is one of my favorite characters! It's great that you're similar- there's not enough of that in this world!
    The holly's up, the house is all bright, The tree is ready, the candles alight; Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight.

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