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Thread: Ideas for gf who's big into Pan-Am & the Oldies (Ella Fitzgerald)?

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    Question Ideas for gf who's big into Pan-Am & the Oldies (Ella Fitzgerald)?

    So my gf is a cute feminine type (lipstick, painted nails, 1950's era dresses) and loves Pan-Am. She actually looks just like someone from the Pan-Am tv series. She's also very much into music, especially oldies like Ella Fitzgerald and Sinatra... Plus she just loves dark chocolate and she just moved here to Canada from England.

    Only thing I can think of is maybe burning a custom CD of her fav oldies tunes with a season of pan-am but that seems a little.. i dunno.. too easy?

    Can anyone help me with a better gift than that?

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    according to the news the show is being canceled why not get her the tv series CDs
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    These hand-made ​​gifts have multiple meanings.
    wish you happy!

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    A final decision won't be made by ABC on the fate of Pan Am until Spring. Either way, I'd say buying Season One when it's available might be a good move. Won't be in time for Christmas though.
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