This weekend I attended a really fantastic concert, and wanted to share the Programme with everyone here. Keeping in mind that I am not particularly religious, I do appreciate the work of The Salvation Army Group as I personally benefited from their generosity (even to members outside of their church) growing up, year round, but especially at Christmastime.
Please refrain from any religious commentary in this thread, I just wanted to share that I had a great time, and heard some fantastic songs.

By the way, I didn't know the name of it, but it turns out that "Somewhere in my Memory" is one of my all-time favourite Christmas Songs (especially since it's from Home Alone, one of my favourite Christmas Films!)

Unfortunate fact is that they spelled Troika wrong on the programme, but if you are not familiar with it (although I bet you are), and enjoy wonderfully festive instrumental pieces, please have a listen!