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    Question Gift for my fiance...

    My fiance is so difficult to buy gifts for! I struggle with this every year, but this year in particular.

    He's 21 years old and wants stuff for his car (headlights, tires, stereo equipment, etc.). The problem is:

    (1) He has very specific brands/models that he wants
    (2) Everything he wants is quite expensive, so I can't screw it up

    I don't mind spending money on him, but I don't know anything about the equipment he wants, so he would literally have to write down the exact name of the headlights and where to buy them (for example). He works at Car Toys (a store that sells and installs high quality car stereo equipment, GPS navigation, DVD players, etc.) so I would probably have to buy what he wants from him own store!

    It just feels really impersonal, but I don't want to buy him some crap he won't use. He always surprises me with the best gifts every year, and I can never surprise him because he has such specific requests.

    He prides himself in knowing me so well, that he knows exactly what I would like. It true though, he always gets me the best presents and I feel bad because I can't just 'guess' what he wants. I think I'm easier to shop for though.

    Blahhhhh. What should I do? Any suggestions?
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