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Thread: Do You remember what you got for CHristmas in 2007?

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    :gift: Do You remember what you got for CHristmas in 2007?

    I got a tealight candle garden
    A revolving lighthouse lamp
    Cotton Candy spray
    New Musk body spray.
    Handmade soaps
    Bath beads
    and Cella CHerries

    And a New set of dishes. that are still in the box. I have two sets in my cupboard.

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    Oh, oh! I only remember some of it.

    My little hippo Toko
    Books (a lot of them)
    A pretty layered candle in a jar

    Shame on me...I can't remember the rest right now.

    "Hail him who saves you by his grace,
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    i will never forget my gifts from my hubby a got 2 bird feeders 2 stands to hang them on a sack of peanuts a sack of wild bird food and a garden fork and spade who said romance was dead

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    I got an iPod from my husband, and it took me about six months to dare to use it, as I was completely techno-phobic about it.
    I also got CDs by Pink and Dean Martin. There's a pair! Not together, of course.
    And I got the book, Rhett Butler's People. I got some other books, too, but I can't remember what they were. At my age, I'm lucky I even remember the stuff I just mentioned. HA HA!!
    Judy Pancoast
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    Some books, a bracelet, Vera Wang perfume, a video game I wanted, a fleece blanket, tea strainer and tea.. some other stuff too

    icon from pattywack1992 @ LJ

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    I just remembered what our oldest daughter gave me. I really don't understand how I could forget! She gave me Hallmark Christmas ornaments. Duh!

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