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Thread: I'm, really!

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    I'm, really!

    If you've ever managed to fool people into thinking that your artificial tree is in fact natural (assuming people in question are not mentally challanged and above the age of 5), please share your experiences. Photos are more than welcome, of course!

    P. S. I don't want to fool anyone, I'm just trying to figure out ways to make my artificial tree look less fake...

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    You decide to not worry about it:

    OR you get a more expensive one with molded needles:

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    The first artificial tree I owned had that irregular feel about it (uneven branches) and most people thought it was real when they first walked into the room. It was an inexpensive tree and I loved it. Had to get a new one when the base broke. Also- I wanted a pre-lit. As you get older, it becomes very difficult to set up a real tree, besides, mine looks way better than any real tree I always swore by! Just miss that smell!
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