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Thread: new to online shopping

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    new to online shopping

    this is my first year shopping online. is there anything i should worry about other than making sure i buy from reputable vendors?im only buying from places that take paypal.

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    music shirt coupons

    i've just started ordering online and im buying for a relative and they suggested these shops:

    now, how do you guys find coupons if they arent showing anywhere on the shop sites? ive subscribed to both companies' facebooks. how long do you wait until you just go and pay full price?

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    I've shopped online for years - mostly Ebay and Amazon because of their reputations. When shopping Ebay I always check the sellers feedback. Also, with Ebay purchases because they are usually sold by individuals, my rule is if I can't afford to take the loss then I don't buy just in case the item it is not really as described. On occasion I will shop Walmart, Target, Home Depot etc. as they are also reputable and will take returns from online purchases. I usually shop sites that use PayPal so I don't have to give a credit card number. So far I've had good success and no problems.

    Ebay tip, if you find it on an Ebay store, check to see if they have a websiite. I've found prices lower through their website store than their Ebay store and they still take Paypal.

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    what kind of products would you want to buy online?You can also try this:
    there are a lot of products that you can order,and all free shipping

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