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Thread: Do you listen to Christmas music all year long?

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    :santa: Do you listen to Christmas music all year long?

    i do

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    I can't seem to help it. I find myself whistling them almost any time. I pour over used CD bins and obscure music shops as well as get emails from friends notifying me of new or different Christmas music. So, I pick them up about any month and immediately burn them into a external hard drive and listen to them from the HD. dedicated to growing, education, and use of Diospyros virginiana L., the common, or American persimmon...and persimmon pudding is ALWAYS a holiday favorite!!!

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    Glasgow, Scotland


    Defo. There just so cheesy . And plus they are on my ipod. LOL so tempting

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    I also listen to Christmas songs all year round. They are class!

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    Definitely...It's always nice to break out the Christmas CDs in the middle of the summer, or just sing them to yourself whenever.
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    Yes I do...

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    ha! i thought I was the only person with this condition! (well, other than the girl from the movie Prancer... but still, she was just acting...)

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    I Do And I Really love it

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    Yes I do listen to Christmas music all year. It makes me happy.

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    Well i feel alone on this one! But i dont listen to any christmas music till november roles around. I like it to just build up...and besides when i hear christmas music when its not christmas...i get depressed cuz then i wish it was christmas! hahah

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