SANTA MAIL HAS COME TO TOWN.Only 1.85 including printing postage

Santa is a live and well, but he is concerned that amidst all the doom and gloom we are bombarded with these days, that the magic of Christmas is slipping away. So he has asked for our help to lighten his load and keep that Christmas cheer alive. He has his Elves sending out postcards to the non believers and those who he knows are still on his list. But he needs to know from you who to send to. Have you received a Postcard from Santa yet? Do you know someone who would like to receive a personalized, professionally printed postcard?

The Postcard is professionally printed with a glossy finish to the front picture. It is A6 in size and good quality card. The firstname supplied by you will be printed on the front design with the message from Santa printed on the back. The card will display a North Pole postmark. Please note this will change from November to December for posting in December. The postcard will be printed and posted direct to the delivery address supplied by you. i.e the person the message to going to.

You can place your order now for posting in November or December simply select which you would prefer. It doesn't matter if it is for a child as a way of checking pre christmas behaviour or to a non believing adult. Go on have some fun and spread some christmas cheer!

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