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Thread: Roof light sizes...

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    Roof light sizes...

    I used to use good old C9 lights for the roof line. Last year I was "smart" and went to target the day after Christmas to get C9 LED lights on clearance... I looked at them this year to find out, they are all C6 lights... I hate to just have them go to waste, will they be to small for the roof line?? That's what I'm most nervous about. They are much brighter than the C9 LED lights, but they are also much smaller...

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    they are quite bright but they are quite common now, I've gotten used to them.

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    It depends on the look you are going for. I am putting C9s (incandescent...not LED) on my roofline because it is the "anchor" of my display. It's the only place I use C9s and most people consider them to be the "grandaddy" of Christmas lights. An LED C6 is definitely not in the same league. However, if you feel comfortable with the effect they provide, then I see no reason not to use them. Again, if it were me, I could always find a use for them somewhere else.
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    I think the preferred size of the bulb also depends on how far back your house is set from the road. The farther back the house the bigger the bulbs!
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