We have a very special guest staying with us until Christmas this year! We stumbled upon each other in Marks and Spencer when doing some Christmas shopping. He told me he is a very, very long way from home and here on a very important job from a very important person! So he's staying with us for the season

Introducing our special guest:

This is Santa's Secret Elf - He is here on a very important job from father Christmas! That job is watching my girls to see if they are being naughty or nice, and reporting back to Father Christmas to help decide which list they go on! It's all very exciting and my girls love him! Since he's been staying, they have been extra nice and I think they'll definately get on that nice list and get lots of presents this year

My little ones took him to toddler group yesterday and my eldest showed him around and made him feel very at home:

Today she has taken him to nursery to meet the nursery aunties and so that he can watch and make sure she is being nice at nursery as well as at home

He says he loves it here, but he feels a little home sick being so far from the North Poll and he misses Father Christmas, the reindeer and all of his family and elf friends, so to make him feel more at home we're going to have to decorate our house all Christmassy and put up a Christmas tree - so he doesn't feel like he's so far away from home