Every year I participate in the Reddit.com Secret Santa - last year they had over 17,000 paticipants, worldwide. (Sign-ups for 2011 started this morning and have already reached nearly 15,000 for this year!)

Usually they do not allow 'New' accounts to join after the sign-up process has begin - but this year they're going for the Official Guiness title of Worlds Largest Online Secret Santa Game.

I've had a great experiecne the last two years participating - and had some wonderful Santas give me some great (and personal) gifts. When you sign up you can put in some of your hobbies and interests and the person who recieves you gets that info to choose a present.

I just thought I'd share the info - and see if anyone here on the forum wants to join too;

Reddit Secret Santa

You *will* need to have an account on Reddit.com before you can sign up on RedditGifts.com - FYI. See all the RULES Here