I know we have a "what would you like this year" thread, but I was wondering, if money was no issue, if prayers or Christmas magic could make your wishes come true, if you could write to Santa for ANYTHING, what would you ask for? What would be on your "list" if it was things you can't have, but daydream about? You can have as many or few things on your list as you like so, world peace aside, what would you like for Christmas if you could have absolutely anything at all?

I'd like (a mixture of lighthearted, serious, material and sentemental wishes here):

  • Somebody to find a cure for muscular dystrophy for my husband
  • I'd like the chance to spend one more Christmas with my Nan somehow... She passed away 5 years ago and never got to meet any of my children. I'd love the chance just to get ONE Christmas back with her, for her to see my family as it is now - she'd be so proud, and I just know how much my girls would love her
  • A magic pill that would make me instantly drop 3 dress sizes! Haha
  • The diamond christmas star pendant that I saw last week

What would you like for Christmas?