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Thread: Can I introduce my newest family member?

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    Can I introduce my newest family member? (he's got to go)

    ETA: We've got to send him back as he attacked the kids. More than once and unprovoked. I'm gutted

    Meet little Harry Asbo (My daughter chose the 'Harry' part - Hubby added 'Asbo' on because he's always getting into trouble!) - Or Haribo for short!

    And his favorite hiding place:

    He's soooo cute I'm smitten!
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    My granddaughter would love him! She's very allergic to dogs so they have cats.

    We have birds.

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    He looks like a tiny baby version of my cat!

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    He's a lovely cat....
    Merry Christmas to all...

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    litlle cutie
    When it seems the magic slipped away...
    We find it all again on Christmas Day

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    What a cutie Perfect hiding place. He blends in nicely

    Merry Snowy Christmas
    Love & Peace to the World

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    Cute kitty!I need to get a pic on here of my little Jingle (guinea pig)
    Count your blessings...My daughter and grandson are mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverBells View Post
    What a cutie Perfect hiding place. He blends in nicely
    Doesn't he! I have freaked out a few times thinking I'd lost the new kitty... and then you just spot the eyes peeping out from under the television. Haha He's a cheeky little boy!

    Quote Originally Posted by JonahsGrammy View Post
    Cute kitty!I need to get a pic on here of my little Jingle (guinea pig)
    Oh please do share! Maybe we could have a pet photos thread? I loooove guinea pigs. In fact when I was a child I was a bit of a loner and my guinea pig, 'Mogwai' was my bestest, dearest friend. I was sooo devestated when he died. I just couldn't get my head around it at all! RIP Little moggy

    Quote Originally Posted by ChantelleJoy View Post
    He looks like a tiny baby version of my cat!

    I did notice your cat in the background of one of your photos and thought how adorable he (she?) looks I'm a sucker for black cats. I think they're just the best. There's one that lives around here and it breaks my heart to turn him away as he's so affectionate and he always tries to sneak in for cuddles! I have to keep turning him away as he obviously has a good home where he is very loved and well looked after. I'd not like it if somebody else let my cat in and then they didn't come home so much if you know what I mean, so I keep ignoring this cat but he is pretty irresistable! It tugs at my heart strings

    I wouldn't normally take a kitten this young (8 weeks) as obviously it's more ideal for them to remain with their mummy but this kitty was an orphan, found in a bin bag under a bush So I couldn't resist taking him under my wing!

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    He is absolutely adorable. I wish you lots of happiness with him.

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    So adorable!!

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