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I'm not going to quote Papa C for the 20th time. While I agree with the sentiment, I can't help but wonder...WHY would others, especially family members, be critical of something you have a passion for? I guess I'm truly blessed because my family actually feeds off my enthusiasm. When they see and hear me going on and on about my thoughts and ideas for the season, they get excited as well. Of course Christmas is closely associated with childhood. THAT is where we forge the impressions we will carry with us forever. I thank my parents for always celebrating the season with joy and warmth, because that is where it comes from for me. I, in turn, hope to pass that on to my boys. Sure there might be a time when they think their old man is just silly, but I feel pretty confident that there will come a time in their adult life when they look back and realize just how special and magical it is. When I'm in the stores looking at Christmas decorations, and I hear passersby saying, "Christmas stuff?...already?...It's too early"...etc... I actually feel bad for them. Nothing in this world beats the spirit of Christmas!! NOTHING!
Excellent point. They are not like degrading critical, just a little surprised I am infatuated with the holiday.

But you're spot on.