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    :gingerbread: Sugar Mice

    I have a book with pictures and a recipe for making sugar mice. I thought I'd just snap a picture for you, but my camera card is full and I don't know how to empty it. So here's something I found online:

    When my husband is awake, I'll ask him about the camera.

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    MW - soooo cute!
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    The Really Active Christmas Book:

    I should have learned how to scan the page!

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    Cute! Definately something for me to try with my little ones

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    I think I'd prefer the recipe without egg whites.

    For the No Cook Mixture, You'll Need:

    •2 cups of icing sugar + more for mixing
    •2 tablespoons of water
    • teaspoon of peppermint essence
    •1 strap of licorice, or a similar strap-shaped lolly
    •Medium-sized bowl
    •Wooden spoon

    Now Make Peppermint Mice:

    1. Put the water and peppermint essence into the bowl. Add 2 cups of icing sugar.

    2. Mix with the wooden spoon. If the mixture is too soft, stir in one tablespoon of icing sugar at a time, until you have a firm, smooth dough that doesn't sag when you make shapes with it.

    3. Knead the dough on a clean surface.

    4. Take a small peice of dough (2-3 teaspoonfuls), and shape it into a little mouse.

    5. First make a head and body. Pinch small flaps up from the head to make ears.

    6. Cut tiny pieces of licorice for eyes and nose, and a long strip for the tail. Add them to your mouse. It's best to poke a hole first with the toothpick, then insert the piece of licorice, and mould the dough around it.

    7. Make lots more mice.

    8. Now it's easy - no cooking! Put them on a tray covered in non-stick baking paper. Cover with a clean tea towel and leave overnight in a cool place (not the fridge) to dry. Store in an airtight tin.

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