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things have changed so many times over the years for our family; growing up, we stayed home (one set of grandparents would come for breakfast when I was very young, but not after they moved to colorado when I was 9, other set would pop in for maybe a couple hours) , mom did everything, after I got married, we Christmas was still at mom's. (no cousins or anything, just us) then, at least 20 years ago, after my oldest brother had bought a nice little home with about 8 acres in a small town further away, and later my mom moved in with him, we started going there for Christmas. it was not really far, but we would go there and stay for Christmas vacation (when the kids had school off) and my sister, my mom, and I would make the dinner. I remember my brother's favorite Christmas tree was a white pine, and one year he and my other brother found one very late one night, just lying on the edge of the road, like someone had cut it down and just left it there, so they brought home a fresh tree for free that year. (it was beautiful but so different from what I was used to, as my parents had always got balsams) anyway, after we moved to Florida, we started going to my best friend's (we have no family down here) but a couple times, it was just us three at home, and a few times of being able to go to my sister's in Ohio. My sister's seems to be the central location now because she has the most room, even though usually it is just her immediate family. (except now my mother lives with her)

With Thanksgiving falling so late this year (November 28), are you going to wait til then or after to put up a tree?
I know. I'm frustrated that Thanksgiving is late this year. I also am going away on a two day Christmas trip on December 3rd and 4th with a friend. I always host a big family dinner on Thanksgiving and I like to keep the decor autumny. So I have 4 days to get it all done - Nov. 29 and 30th and Dec. 1 and 2. I will probably be so exhausted that I sleep thru my whole trip! AND, my sister and family, who live in Seattle are coming for Christmas for the first time in MANY years - so I want everthing to look great! No stress!