I live in a house where we only have one outlet in the front of the house which is located in the garage. We also have another in the back of the house. We're able to decorate the actual house and add a few things in the front yard. I'm a fan of having LOTS of decorations - I want my house to look like a winter wonderland as much as possible. While they're very cool, I don't use the air-blown yard decorations because I like more of a "classic/vintage" decoration for the most part (such as: grapevine or blow-molds).

To make a long post short, I'm trying to think of ideas of how I can spruce up the trees and large yard without having to tap into that outlet. Are there any suggestions?

FYI: I don't use LED lights at all. If I use ANY- they're in "warm white". The "cool white" looks like TRON to me and the blue in the multicolored strands look too much like royal blue while I prefer the turquoise-type color in the incandescent lights.

Little Miss Christmas