Christmas is a time for celebration. A fun time with family and friends where enjoy good food, good company and lots of presents. But along with this comes a pretty heavy carbon footprint.Christmas, and gift giving in particular, has the potential to be the least environmentally-friendly time of year. How many Christmas gifts have your received or even given which have been unwanted, thrown away or stored in the bottom of the wardrobe? Do you have exclusive Christmas Gift Ideas for a splendid celebration?

Choosing a 組reen' Christmas gift is one of the easiest things you can to do to reduce your carbon footprint. Of course, the greenest Christmas gift is the one not given. But giving is one of the great joys of Christmas. We all love the feeling of making family and friends feel loved and appreciated. You don't need to give that up to have a greener Christmas. By making a few small changes you can give the environment a happy Christmas too!