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Thread: Lapland Winter Wonderland brothers win appeal.

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    Lapland Winter Wonderland brothers win appeal.

    So let the raucous sleigh bells jingle,
    Hail our dear old friend kris kringle,
    Driving his reindeer across the sky.
    Don't stand underneath when they fly by.

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    I remember that! We had considered going and were so glad we hadn't when the photos started appearing in the media! I felt so sorry for everybody who had spent money and turned up to that scene :( The poor children and families who had expected a magical winter wonderland and were faced with lengthy queues, muddy fields and no snow or ice to be seen :( I hope the men responsible have a conscience and feel guilty but they probably don't... In my opinion it would have been a more just punishment for them to have to give back all of the money from ticket sales, than a 9 week jail sentence.

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    For those unfamiliar with it, New Forrest Lapland in 2008 was supposed to be a winter wonderland theme park but people - who had paid 30 per ticket in advance - turned up to this:

    And the "bustling Christmas Market" that was promised on the website:

    From the Lapland New Forrest Website for ticket sales: "We can assure you of an absolutely magical scene... just look how real and cold the 'snow' appears to be." And the reality:

    The website that advertised Lapland New Forrest showed idilic Christmas winter scenes - a real wonderland. Those responsible for the theme park admitted the photographs on the website were not of Lapland New Forest park. About which Mr Mears said,

    "It was showing the Christmas spirit to good-minded people,"!

    According to him, he never felt he lead customers to believe that the park would be anything other than what it was. There aren't enough nasty words in my vocabulary to describe these nasty people who would do such a thing!

    The most upsetting thought for me is how hearbroken and disapointed the children must have been, and how upsetting for the parents to have planned a lovely winter break for their children and to see them disapointed and lead to a muddy field with husky dogs chained to small kennels and no snow in sight :( A horrible, horrible con.

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