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Thread: The Big Christmas Card Exchange 2011!

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    The Big Christmas Card Exchange 2011!

    Well, it is only 82 days away, so I thought we might as well start organising things, because before we all know it, we'll be sending off our first Christmas cards.

    If you wish to participate, simple write a reply to this topic, and I will add you to the list!

    Same system as last year**, simply PM the member you wish to exchange cards with

    • mikaldinho
    • tinkerbell2
    • ornamentmaven
    • SilverBells
    • *Snowflake*
    • Papa_Christmas
    • Mr. Christmas
    • olga
    • ChantelleJoy
    • Mr. Christmas
    • doebassano
    • Chrismoose
    • Myy79
    • Teddybear
    • DesignerLynn

    You are able to join this list until November 24th!


    ** for those who are not quite sure as to how this works, you simply PM members of the forum who have put their usernames in the list above(make sure you have put your name on the list too!), sending them your mailing address , postcode,etc, and in return they send you theirs (make sure this is done via PM, and only with those you trust!). Then, you simply write out the card(s), and send them off through snail mail! easy as pie...
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