I think that on the X Factor this year I think that Kengo has the same star quality that Diva Fever had on the X Factor last year and will go far in the competition, I think that Goldie or if not her ?(42 year old man) have the X Factor that Wagner had last year on the X Factor and could get to the final and I think that Johnny has not only got the X Factor, the star quality, the talent, the works to not only get his vocals on this year's X Factor Finalists single, but to give him a chance of WINNING this year's X Factor I think he is up there not just this year but any year, in the over 25s or any other catogary, I think we are looking at least a D lister star with a sensational voice and a multimillionair as Louie says, HERE'S JOHNNY and he's here to stay. But before Johnny wins the X Factor he have to save his skin cos Kitty wants her Leopard skin dressing down back!