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Thread: Cat owners?

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    Cat owners?

    Would you be able to tell me please approximately how much your cat costs you per week / month? Including pet insurance, food, chipping, vaccinations, toys, bedding, grooming equipment etc? Anything I've missed?

    Would you say they are hard work as pets go, or low maintenence. I am desperate for a kitty cat but my husband is unsure and thinks they will be too expensive and too much responsibility :(

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    We have two cats. I'm sick and tired of them. It's not the cost, it's the upkeep. Puking up furballs all the time. Not always utilizing the litter box. Cat hair on everything. I don't mind the cats themselves, but when they go, we are NOT replacing them. That's my 2 cents.
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    Cats are generally less work than Dogs... but depending on the cat, it can be a lot of work. Some cats are angels - no furballs, always uses the litter, and don't shed much. Mine is good, but not perfect.

    I spend about $20/mo on Food, $20/mo on Litter, and about $150/year on general Vet-related things.

    We got him a scratch post/toy about 2 years ago which costs about $40 at the time, but havn't spent anything on bedding (sleeps on a chair in the living, or in my bed with me), toys, or grooming.

    Be sure you're aware of how much your cat sheds though, because you will get cat hair on EVERYTHING, unless you specifically get a short-haired low-shedding cat. Mine is medium-hair black cat, hair..everywhere.. (although better than when I had a white cat - MUCH MUCH WORSE).

    I think cats are so much more effectionate than other pets, and living with one can be a joy and blessing. So, good luck!
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