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Thread: Outdoor Lights

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    Outdoor Lights

    What type(s) do you have? We have only a few (step ladder doesn't reach the roof).

    We have two of these pre-lit outdoor trees:

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    Nice pics MW. Outside I use mini-lights, some multi color and some solid colors. I have to see if I can find some photos!
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    This year, my outdoor display is going next level. I am adding a wide variety of lights, as well as multiple new display features (blow molds, spiral trees, mini trees). I am adding multi-color C9 lights to my entire roofline. I have a new 42" LED multi-color changing snowflake that will go up on the house. I am putting an arch lined with red and green rope light and a white (temporary) picket fence across the front that will have clear icicle lights across it. All lights from last year will also be returning. I am setting it to music outside as well. Lots of blinky-flashy!!
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    We have several strands of white icicles going around the roof, several strands of multi colored bulbs that are, individually, dual colored. If we have some extra strands of the multi-dualtone-lights, they go on our hibiscus tree. You could also count our large lighted wreath because it hangs on the outside of the door.

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