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Thread: my keepon - worth buying?

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    Question my keepon - worth buying?

    I'm thinking of getting a 'my keepon' for my son as one of his Christmas presents. I was just wondering what everyone else thought of them?

    I'm still a bit undecided as although they do look good I'm beginning to wonder if it'll just end up as one of those presents where the novelty wears off and it ends up back in the box never to be touched again?

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    Never heard of this!!
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    Hey Tracey,

    Full disclaimer up front, I work for a company promoting My Keepon so I obviously come with a little bias but I'd say it depends on the age of the person you're looking to buy the gift for. The dance mode has been the big thing that everyone is promoting, but if I'm honest I think this is perhaps the more gimmicky bit of the two modes and the one more likely to not be used after a few months. The touch mode though is something that seems to get a whole lot more sustained attention, particularly with younger kids, probably because of the way it is able to interact with them which really seems to hold their attention.

    All in all, if your son is at the lower end of the age range of 6+ then it's probably going to have some longevity about it, however if he's nearing his teens then your prediction that it might get hidden away is probably more likely.

    Hope that helps!

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