Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I've launched the 2011 Blog on ATC.com

Also! If you havn't already (even though we've been asking you for a year!) joined the Facebook Group, I'm now in charge of that too - so it'll be even more awesome!

Finally *NEW THIS YEAR* I'll be tweeting out updates, contests, tips, and news on Twitter:
http://www.twitter.com/thingschristmas (that's @ThingsChristmas)

To promote the new Twitter account - I'll be running a Contest! If we get 1000 followers before October 31st I'll give away an Xmas DVD randomly to one of our followers!

I'm really excited about helping out in so many ways this year with ATC! Hopefully we'll have a BLAST and get a bunch of new, fun members while we're at it!