Hi everyone, things are going great but once again I have run out of lights and my wife has the car so I will have to pick up a couple more sets later on. I have anchored the tree and are positioning all of the ornamotors which is another insane task. I have to pick 50 spots around the tree, connect the ornamotors, and secure them to the nearest branch. In the process I am looking for dead bulbs and straightening out branches. My goal is to finish up by 5pm as I have another Christmas shore to go to this evening. I was there last week and they had lots of decorations that I like so I will be picking up some decorations.

Tomorrow morning I will put the last two sets of lights in the tree and I will then be ready to start decorating

After receiving complaints from the neighbors I decided not to cover up the front window while setting the tree but once I complete the tree it will not be plugged in until the end of November.

I will post some picture later on today...