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Hello everyone The day has arrived where I start on the tree. I have spent the week packing up Halloween decorations and webbing from all over the main floor of the house. I am getting ready to head to do some decoration shopping tonight so I will report back later on today with some pictures of what I find
Yay! How exciting!! Did you get any new decorations in the end?

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I started on the tree yesterday but things are on hold as my wife wants to get a shot of top section of the tree being put into position. She is currently out with some of her friends. So far the set up has been going great. I have not had any problems with any of the lights and this year I will have a tree topper. I was able to get it into position and attach it to the ceiling. I just hope that the knot holds

The other thing that I am happy about is that I am not having any sciatic issues so far this year. If I can concentrate and have lots of patience in the coming days I should be able to put a dent in the lights.

Pictures coming shortly ....
I'm excited to see your progress and can't wait to see your tree topper. I bet it looks magnificent Very glad to hear that your sciatica is letting you get on with your tree and not causing you too much trouble. Looking forward to pictures very much!