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Thread: Christmas Eve traditions

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    Christmas Eve traditions

    Do you all have any christmas eve traditions?? Sorry if this post has already been made by someone else

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    Chances are very good that EVERYTHING you think of has already been posted. However, I think you'll find that most people here don't mind re-telling the things that make Christmas special for all of us.
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    We are starting a new tradition this year of having a wonderfully prepared stuffed beef tenderloin for dinner. Early in the day, if weather permits, we go sledding down a nearby hill. We also go to church in the evening. Lastly, before bed, the boys get to pick a movie to watch, and open ONE present.
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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    Sounds AMAZING!! We're not a church going family, but me personally do believe it for the reason it is meant to be for. We love meeting up with our families, spending time together and treating each other!!!

    Since we was kids, Christmas Eve has usually consisted of a mini party(just the five of us who were living here at the time, mum, dad, bro and sister and myself.) This year's there's just my mum, myself and our foster twins who will then be 9 months old.

    I will be making sure we still have a proper Christmas, even though it's just us two and the twins won't even understand.

    Our Christmas Eve tradition includes watching christmas movies, snacking and getting new pajamas!!

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    Yes we also do the "open one gift" thing (even though my kids are 17 and 26). The one thing is always new pajamas! We have my husband's family over for good times and a big buffet dinner. We usually go to 4pm mass prior to dinner. I spend the entire day cooking, listing to Christmas music, and handling any last minute preps!
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    The year before last we opened one present, and last year, we started to open one present, then it was 2,3 and we ended up opening all our presents on christmas eve, well it was after 12am, and it worked out well since we had a 3 year old to focus on the next day

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    My whole family has a small Christmas Eve get together at my aunt's house. Then when we get home, my brother & I watch A Christmas Story & we each exchange one present to eachother.
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    My boyfriend and I go to my parents house and have pizza (no meat) and we prep the Turkey, watch films and wrap presents. It's simple but it's nice.

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    CHRISTMAS EVE is church & food prep
    then we have a candle lit dinner
    we always have new PJs & the kids get 2 open a gift of their choice . of cause when they were younger i would wait until they were aasleep 2 put the sants gifts.
    i still try 2 stick with it its harder as they get older,
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    with cher lloyd.
    Just all of the preparation for Christmas Day takes place then really.

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