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Thread: Is it the anticipation of christmas or the actual experience?

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    It's always been both for me. More so, now that my boys are getting to be old enough to really get into it. I always suffer from the post-Christmas blues though. Mostly it's because up here in Minnesota, the weather is just so dang depressing in Jan/Feb, and there's nothing to look forward to. Actually, on Christmas night, after all the presents have been opened, the festivities are done, and the boys are in bed, I feel the most peace...simply sitting with my wife. We enjoy a glass of wine while we watch a Christmas movie together. It's a very warm, happy time for me.

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    For me, it's the anticipation as we get closer, wrapping presents, the snow(IF we have any), the coldness, coming home from work in the cold to a warm house. The day is never as good as you expect it!! And it's christmas for a week here!!!

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    Build up would win for me, purely because it is so much fun, organising things, cooking,etc...

    Christmas day is great too, but the build up is more exciting, and doesn't feel like it goes by too quickly...

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    I like the build-up more as an adult whereas I preferred the actual day as a kid probably because I was getting more presents back then and also because I have no kids (except a nephew who lives far away). I enjoy the atmosphere of when the lights are put up around the city and the window displays are transformed.

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