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The staff at AllThingsChristmas.com have come up with something new and exciting this year. Read below to learn more and visit the calendar page yourself at http://www.allthingschristmas.com/calendar.php.

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How many days till Christmas? Children come up with this question many times during the month of December and this impatience is part of the reason why children would love to have a Christmas calendar.

On this site, we offer a Christmas calendar which can be opened with one mouse click on the window. Each window hides a picture. But remember that you are not allowed to cheat!

This year we want YOU to be a part of the calendar!

This year we are making a really exciting calendar with lots of interactive fun, like games & quizes. We also want to show the world some of your pictures, poems & videos, as a part of creative slideshows. Do you have something you want to share with us? Please send an email with pictures, video & poems to us. If you want to send video, please use Windows Movie Maker and save it as "Video to pocketpc", so itīs not too heavy to send. Send them to:

We are looking forward to lots of lovely emails. We need to have them before November 15.

Lots of Christmas Love,
AllThingsChristmas Administrator & Staff