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Thread: Stocking stuffers

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    Cool Stocking stuffers

    what kind of stocking stuffers to you get for your stockings?

    for hubby this year I got

    2 pc games
    little fm radio
    toenail clippers
    3 caramelos bars and
    microwave popcorn.

    for the dogs each stocking will hold
    6 bags of treats
    2 chew bones and
    a toy

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    :gift: 101 Stocking stuffers

    As we get closer to the holidays, and seeing how our economy is going... I thought I'd share these tips with you... I know I will start to pick up as many items as I can ... xmas is goign to be sparse here, but we are all together, and healthy and that is the best gift of all...

    anyway enjoy the tips borrowed from a cool group.. Juli

    Stocking Stuffers by Category

    Stocking Stuffers - 101 - actually there are more listed than 101.
    Most of these are *obvious*. If any of us sat down and tried to list
    101, we could do it easily. Over the years I have added many of these
    items to stockings. Other items I would never choose in a hundred
    million years. Quite a few will spawn other idea. Here goes!

    1. rattle
    2. pacifier
    3. small washable toys
    4. travel sized baby toiletries
    5. wash cloths
    6. onsies
    7. booties & socks

    Car Care & Travel
    1. tire gauge
    2. lock de-icer
    3. ice scraper
    4. travel mug
    5. flash light
    6. TSA luggage locks
    7. travel first aid kit
    8. luggage tags
    9. GC to a car wash

    Cosmetics & Toiletries
    1. lipstick
    2. lip gloss or balm
    3. cologne
    4. after shave
    5. nail enamel
    6. remover
    7. emery boards
    8. nail clippers
    9. cuticle trimmer (etc)
    10. hair spray
    11. shaving foam
    12. deoderant
    13. tooth brush
    14. tooth paste
    15. dental floss (all in regular or travel sizes)
    16. disposable razors
    17. gel mask
    18. sisal mitt
    19. loofah
    20. pumice stone
    21. nail brush
    22. purse sized Kleenex
    23. purse sized Kleenex case
    24. Purell in purse sized containers

    Craft & Sewing Supplies
    1. stampers
    2. ink pads for above
    3. craft paper punches (odd shapes)
    4. craft scissors (odd cuts)
    5. sewing notions:
    a. needles
    b. thread
    c. pin cushion
    d. etc.

    Edibles & Go-Withs
    1. chocolate
    2. exotic fruit
    3. mug
    4. tea cup & saucer
    5. gourmet coffee
    6. unusual tea
    7. small box of cookies
    8. gum
    9. mints
    10. penny candy
    11. Peppermint Pig
    12. lollipops
    13. gourmet preserves
    14. Snowman Soup
    15. microwave popcorn

    Home Dťcor & Use
    1. picture frame
    2. night light
    3. Christmas ornament
    4. any small kitchen gadget
    5. pot pourri
    6. sachet for closets or drawers
    7. wine stoppers
    8. wine charms
    9. cheese spreaders
    10. candles
    a. votives
    b. tea lights
    c. tarts
    d. tapers
    e. pillars
    f. small candle jars
    g. car jars
    h. birthday candles
    11. coasters
    12. oven mitt
    13. pot holders
    14. dish towel
    15. snow globe
    16. cedar balls or blocks for drawers
    17. decorative boxes
    18. dala horse
    19. paper weight
    20. decorative soap
    21. pretty soap dish
    22. decorative magnets for refrigerators & file cabinets
    23. cookie cutters
    24. nesting measuring cups
    25. measuring spoons
    26. candle topper
    27. candle snuffer
    28. wick trimmer
    29. small bud vase
    30. coasters

    Home Repair & Gardening
    1. kitchen sized garden tools
    2. plant mister
    3. small handheld tools such as a screwdriver
    4. garden gloves
    5. packets of seeds

    1. lottery ticket
    2. batteries
    3. flashlight
    4. gift cards
    a. movies
    b. stores
    c. coffee shops
    d. restaurants
    e. museums
    5. disposable camera
    6. small photo album

    Office Supplies, Reading, & Writing
    1. pens
    2. pencils
    3. small notebook or journal
    4. post-its
    5. memo cube
    6. paperback book
    7. magnifying glass
    8. letter opener
    9. purse calendar
    10. stamps
    11. business card holder for desk
    12. business card holder for pocket or purse
    13. mouse pad
    14. calculator
    15. cell phone
    16. CDs or floppies
    17. address labels
    18. address stamper
    19. embosser
    20. postage stamps
    21. small box of blank notes
    22. sealing wax and sealer

    1. squeaky toys & balls
    2. plush toys & balls
    3. treats
    4. collars
    5. leashes
    6. catnip
    7. bandanas

    Toys, Sports, & Games
    1. Silly Putty
    2. Play Doh
    3. golf balls
    4. tennis balls
    5. deck of playing cards
    6. yo-yo
    7. travel games
    8. slinky
    9. sports water bottle
    10. exercise bands
    11. weights
    12. sidewalk chalk
    13. bubble stuff
    14. silly straws
    15. harmonica
    16. recorder
    17. sheet music (rolled in a paper towel tube)
    18. piggy bank
    19. kite
    20. kite string
    21. stickers
    22. crayons
    23. markers
    24. holiday shaped erasers
    25. hot wheels cars
    26. other small toys for kids (I remember buying Smurfs for our DD.)
    27. golf tees
    28. golf ball marker
    29. golf glove

    Wearable: Clothing, Jewelry, & Hair Baubles
    1. gloves
    2. mittens
    3. socks
    4. hair baubles
    5. shoe laces . practical or fun
    6. scarf
    7. wallet
    8. coin purse
    9. key fob
    10. eyeglass case
    11. magnifiers
    12. jewelry . the real deal or fabulous fakes

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    :tree: 101 more stocking stuffers

    101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

    1. Chocolate - any kind....bars, candy, cookies.
    2. Mandarin oranges or exotic fruit such as star fruit
    3. Lottery tickets
    4. Lipstick - buy a wild shade of red
    5. Cozy mittens or gloves
    6. Personalized or Christmas print coffee mug or tea cup
    7. Tire gauge
    8. Picture frames - buy a plain wooden frame and wrap it with
    Christmas wrap, glue on Christmas ornaments, paint on holly leaves or
    apply Christmas stickers.
    9. Silly Putty - fun for any age!
    10. Baseball, golf ball, rubber ball....
    11. Night light
    12. Christmas ornament - home-made or store-bought
    13. Unique kitchen gadget like an egg slicer, grapefruit spoon, garlic
    press, etc.
    14. Deck of cards - search for one with unusual artwork
    15. Hair accessories
    16. A book or magazine
    17. Magnifying glass
    18. Gum or penny candy - buy the stuff that takes you back to when you
    were a kid
    19. Potpourri - create your own easy sachet by placing potpourri in a
    lace handkerchief, gather the kerchief and tie with a silk ribbon
    20. Novelty shoelaces
    21. Stamp pad and stamps
    22. Batteries
    23. Decorative wine stopper
    24. Journal or diary
    25. Modeling clay
    26. Touque or a scarf - hand-knit or purchase in a store - you can add
    your own personal touch to store bought by stitching on ribbon, bows,
    buttons or beads
    27. Yo-yo
    28. Home made cookies
    29. Wallet or business card holder
    30. Travel games
    46. Coupons for fast food, or admission to museums or other attractions
    32. Underwear or socks - be racy or pedestrian, your choice
    33. Candles - and there are so many to choose from
    34. Slinky
    35. Popcorn seasoning or spices
    36. Nail polish
    37. Toothbrush
    38. Airplane sized bottles of liquor
    39. Packets of flavored hot chocolate or cider mix
    40. Die cast metal car
    41. Stationary or note cards
    42. Bath beads, bubble bath or scented soap - make your own or go
    43. A copy of the gift recipient's favorite recipe - you can add some
    of the ingredients, too
    44. Stickers
    45. Pencil or pen - try a pen with purple ink, a giant pencil, a
    fountain pen, a twig pencil, etc.
    46. Desk or wall calendar
    47. Keychain
    48. Soap dish
    49. The hottest hot sauce you can find
    50. Seeds - try heirloom seeds or native wildflower seeds
    51. Fishing lures
    52. Glasses case
    53. Coloring book
    54. Coasters
    55. Incense
    56. Paper pouches in novelty shapes
    57. Craft supplies - paints, brushes, wooden cut-outs, embroidery
    thread, beads, doll heads, kits, etc.
    58. House plant tools or decorative watering can
    59. Sports water bottle
    60. Vase
    61. Mouse pad
    62. Exercise bands or hand weights
    63. Snow globe
    64. Cold mask (the kind you store in the fridge and wrap around your
    face to relieve aches and stuffiness)
    65. Travel mug
    66. Photos of the gift recipient as a child
    67. Christmas theme costume jewelry
    68. A tool - hammer, screw driver, pliers, etc.
    69. Harmonica
    70. Sewing, knitting, woodworking, needlework patterns
    71. Poster
    72. Kaleidoscope
    73. Decorative bottle opener or cork screw
    74. Silly straws
    75. Flashlight
    76. Address book
    77. Cedar balls for keeping closets and drawers fresh
    78. Blank diskettes, cassettes, or CD's
    79. Piggy bank
    80. Kite
    81. Jar of homemade jam or syrup or canned fruit
    82. Decorative tea towels or hand towels
    83. Hand held calculator
    84. Jigsaw puzzle or other puzzle game
    85. Tarot cards - they only work if you receive them as a gift!
    86. Small wooden trinket box
    87. Small stuffed toy
    88. Napkin rings
    89. Model airplane kit
    90. Personal radio
    91. Sidewalk chalk
    92. Personalized birth chart or horoscope book
    93. Thermal lunchbag
    94. Sheet music
    95. Film for the gift recipient's camera
    96. Gift certificate for fresh flowers
    97. Paperweight
    98. Fridge magnets
    99. Travel maps
    100. Long distance calling card
    101. Bird Feeder

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    Stocking stuffers

    We're giving everyone a personalised ornament made from playdough, plus a candy item special to each person. My husband is getting a tree ornament, because he's into the environment, and some Turkish Delight, because that's a candy he enjoys.

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    that sounds neat. And very inexpensive I like that idea. I know about what everyone likes candy wise but not in the ornaments.

    what is turksih delights similar too.?

    My favorite candy is the snickers bar.

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    The Holiday Worlds of Old
    Quote Originally Posted by lachsara View Post
    We're giving everyone a personalised ornament made from playdough, plus a candy item special to each person. My husband is getting a tree ornament, because he's into the environment, and some Turkish Delight, because that's a candy he enjoys.
    Hi Sarah and welcome!

    Personalized, handmade ornaments are great gifts to give! presents I've never had Turkish Delight, and have only heard of it in C.S. Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    What type of candy are they? do you know?

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    Stocking Stuffer/ Turkish Delight

    Quote Originally Posted by onemagicalchristmas View Post
    What type of candy are they? do you know?
    Turkish Delight is like no other candy I know of. I personally think it's gross, but he really likes it. There's a description of it at wikipedia, but I can't post links yet, so if you want to see it, you'll have to go to the wikipedia site. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    no problem I will go there! thanks for sharing. presents presents presents presents

    looks pretty but don't sound appetizing to me
    Last edited by onemagicalchristmas; 11-10-2008 at 11:30 PM.

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    I love the purse hooks and I canít live without one because I hate putting my handbags on the yucky floor, yikes! If I donít have an extra chair or place to put my bags in a restaurant or cafe, I always use a purse hanger to hold my bag and they are absolutely fantastic!

    I bought my handbag hooks from PHANGER and they are great! Itís practical and stylish at the same time and it folds flat which can be stored away easily in a cosmetic bag or zipper compartment. I always carry it now and love, love, love this brilliant accessory! PHANGER has the cutest range of patterns I have seen and great price too!! Best gadget for all ladies and would make a fantastic gift item! If anyone wants to check it out, the website is

    Hope this helps!

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