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Thread: Stockings

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    There would be eight. As i still live with my whole family. myself mom dad brother sister fiance and the grump ol grand parents.

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    Normally, I have 8, but, I lost one of my furbabies this year and my boys are grown and no longer at home, so, 5 this year for my furbabies, lol

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    When my kids were small we hung up 3 stockings. Hubby and I never had stockings and still don't.

    I have been meaning to buy some just for decorations because they are so pretty and I love the ones that look elegant.

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    I always have our stockings hanging in the computer room because I buy little things to put in them year round. I am crazy that way. But I am rethinking some of my holidays quirks for next year. I can always stash hubby's little stocking stuffers in my bedside stand if I want to. and I am thinking of just saving money back for my greats and going shopping for them in November next year.

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    2 to 5 all depends

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemagicalchristmas View Post
    How many stockings to you hang each year?

    I do five. Me, hubby,the two dogs and a special one for a family member.

    I usually hang just two because we usually travel to everyone else's house.


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    We usually hang 5 stockings..Me, DH, and my 3 boys, but we just got a dog this year so I believe will be hanging 6,

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    One for me, and my parents will bring theirs over Christmas Eve presents

    icon from pattywack1992 @ LJ

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    do you fill their stockings up with goodies christmas eve? I am going to make one for my parents next year. And after CHristmas I am retiring our Mickey and Minnie stocking and pick out something else for next year. I want them to be matching or at least similar to each other since there mine and his.

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    We love stockings...and my family has always had stockings for all the animals. Good thing they hang higher's possible some of the animals might not want to wait to satisfy their curiousity! dedicated to growing, education, and use of Diospyros virginiana L., the common, or American persimmon...and persimmon pudding is ALWAYS a holiday favorite!!!

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