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Thread: Christmas not aloud!

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    Christmas not aloud!

    When my son was in reception, in his class there is a johovist witness, I have no problem with anyone’s religion let me just state that.
    But this poor little boy it must be hard.
    In school when they have assemblies his mother comes to take him out, when it’s a birthday he doesn’t go in.

    And when it was Christmas last year she cane to pick him up when they were singing carols, he had to sit out when the children were making crackers and cards!

    He is sad and I think that maybe the parent is going over the top!
    His friend gets really upset when he can’t go to birthdays or wonders why he does not get an invite.

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    its so sad he is missing out on so much fun it not fair they dont have a say in what they want

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    My aunt is a Johovah's Witness and she won't come into a house that has a christmas tree in it or IM me because of christmas in my screenname. They are strange people.

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    Yes, it is their belief (can't find anywhere in the Bible where it says we can't celebrate birthdays)
    and it is sad for the kids.

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