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I think the main thing for me is listening to the music. I dunno what it is, but there is just something about Christmas music that other music just doesnt have. Waking up on a cold December morning, lighting up the fire and listening to the festive music - nothing beats it!

I also have quite a fetish with taking photographs around the Holiday season. It's a time when family's are together and can enjoy themselves, especially since the majority of my family are moving up in age. In years to come, I know I'll always be able to look back at the photographs and remember all the good times.
I agree that there's something that Christmas music has that other music doesn't have (even if it's just my associations). I'm not really a fan of the regular Christian music I've heard, usually it's too slow or something for me. But, I love Christmas music!

(and lighting a fire in the morning sounds fabulous to me!)