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Thread: Antique Santa and Reindeer

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    Antique Santa and Reindeer

    I have wooden Santa, Reindeer, and a sleigh lawn decor and was wondering when were these made, what specific brand made them, and how much they are worth.

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    How neat! The Santa looks like one of the original Coca-Cola Santas, but I can't help much with the rest...looks great, though!

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    I have no idea what they're worth. But I like them! Maybe someone would pay $500 for them...I don't know.

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    Very nice!
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    I love those...awesome!

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    I agree, the Santa is definitely the Coca-Cola Santa. As for the reindeer, they're cute and adorable but I'm not as good with recognizing reindeer.

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    There is a website called Planet Christmas. They have hobbyists there that can probably tell you all about this stuff. I recommend you post the pics there.

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    They are very nice Mike

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