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Thread: Painting my room

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    :tree: Painting my room

    If any of you remember, last Christmas I had a thread asking for advice on how to decorate my pumpkin orange room. I got loads of awesome answers and I thank all who offered advice.

    This year, I'm planning on repainting my room in the not too distant future but I'm not sure what color. I do want a blue hue but I want to be able to have something that I can tie into Christmas and possibly Thanksgiving so i can decorate and feel festive.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about what color I should paint my walls in order to have a Christmas in my room?

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    The obvious answers are red, green, or stick with basic white. Also, you can find Christmas decorations in a variety of colors, but they just won't be as "traditional". Personally, my opinion is that if you like to change the decor (theme) in your room frequently, you should keep the walls neutral (beige/white). That way, when you want to change, you have a blank canvas to work with. That's my 2 cents. Most of all, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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