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Thread: Has anyone ever stolen your outdoor decorations?

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    Has anyone ever stolen your outdoor decorations?

    My parents aren't quite up for the task of doing outdoor decorations anymore, and I'm more than happy to decorate their house for them since they don't live that far away. Anyway, this past winter, someone stole the extension cords going from the front of their house out to the Christmas lights in their front yard. The police said it was most likely copper thieves.

    Has anyone here ever had Christmas decorations stolen? Any ideas/suggestions for ways to prevent such thefts from taking place? I'm not going to let thieves deter me from decorating my folks' place this year.

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    Not personally, bvut I have heard of other people complaining about thefts
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    I put my decorations out on my 3rd storey balcony, so would-be thieves would need a ladder to steal them.
    My pastor used to put all kinds of decorations out on his lawn, but they were regularly stolen/broken. I don't think he does that anymore.

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    Thankfully not, but I can see how they may be a target for thieves.

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    My wreath on the outside door of my appartment. When I got home one evening, first days of January, it was not there.
    I want my wreath back!!
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    Outdoor decorations at my house usually are just a lighted deer or two on a small cliff overlooking the place, understated, and dangerous to steal as the snow tends to be deep, and the terrain up there is steep.

    LOL, no one has ever even tried.

    I would say a major problem in this area is kids in 4 wheel drive vehicles driving through the displays. That is bad because the displays are destroyed and then the lawn underneath gets torn up too.

    Many home owners are getting some 1x4 boards and putting nails in them and then putting the boards amongst their decorations. The 4 flat tires the next morning makes it easy to figure out which SUV in town was the one that drove through your yard the night before.

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    I haven't personally had any of mine stolen, but I do live in a gated community where everyone knows everyone and knows who the trouble makers are. My across the street neighbor had a great set up her first year here with a bunch of jumbo candies and lollypops and about a week after she put them up, all of the candies were gone. We found the pieces strewn all over the community for the next two weeks and she put them back up. I'd suggest setting up a floodlight to go off when something moves around the decorations. Unless the decorations themselves move because the light will be on all night. But a lot of the times, the people who steal stuff like this aren't doing it to resell. They're usually annoying teenage kids who are bored and if the lights go on, someone is more likely to wake up and catch them.

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    It hasn't happened to me yet, but I worry about it. I have 14 Christmas trees and some inflatables in the yard that I secure with steal cables and locks. I keep the Christmas controllers safe in the garage.
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    That's crazy that this occurs even in a gated community. When I go over to my folks' place this year to do decorations, I plan to do what jstorms mentioned (secure everything that could otherwise be easily stolen). Thanks for all the input!

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    You can use handmade items that are:-each letter carved into the wood,flame burned, handcarved lettering,lamps etc for outside decorations.

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