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Thread: Outside christmas decorations are appearing!

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    Outside christmas decorations are appearing!

    Sorry there are no pictures but I thought I'd let you know that the road where I live are making a communal effort to put out some christams lights. Only a few are out so far. I've contributed a string of mains-powered lights around the iner frame of my downstairs road-facing window, as well as a repeat of last years' battery powered string of lights wrapped in a spiral around the telephone pole directly outside my door, there are other items appearing elsewhere but with energy prices at such painfully high levels we all have to be careful about what we use, so it's a case of a few individual efforts making a greater whole.

    I'll be helping our neighbours set up some of their lights tonight. I just hope my bright LED headlight is up to the task of replacing my poor night vision.
    So let the raucous sleigh bells jingle,
    Hail our dear old friend kris kringle,
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    A lot of lights are up in my neighborhood, but only 5 houses on my street so far. Expect about 10 more houses! Hopefully everyone lights up this year!
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    I saw 3 or 4 houses with outside Christmas lights up in my hometown. None in my neighborhood.

    Merry Snowy Christmas
    Love & Peace to the World

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    I saw about six or seven houses lit up for Christmas walking home from the train station this evening. Love this time of year! :D

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    Good for you helping everyone get their lights up. It's no fun driving down a street that's dark and gloomy with no lights up.

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