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Thread: What do you do on the lead up to Christmas?

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    :tree: What do you do on the lead up to Christmas?

    All I've done up to yet is christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and putting up the decorations.
    This year I want to get way more festive and wintery/christmasey on the lead up to Christmas.
    It's too late to make a cake unfortunately.
    So far I have planned:
    Ice skating with the other half. (Been together 4 years this December and still haven't been)
    Christmas movie MARATHON with the bf (she claims to have never seen a Christmas film)
    Taking my bf and her little sister to see the reindeers at the garden centre.
    Baking Christmas cookies with either my niece or my bf and her sister.
    Going to a Christmas market (idk if they're a think in the US but there big in the UK and I've never been)
    Can't think of anything else, I want to do at least one christmasy thing a week but it would be nice to fill all my days off from work with Christmas activities and I get three a week.

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    Sounds like a good plan! There are Christmas markets here in the USA, but they generally aren't called "Christmas markets". Some of the larger cities have them. In small towns, these seasonal markets may be called craft fairs, church bazaars, flea markets, etc.
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    We have small ones in small towns, that and generally a it rubbish, and just like the standard saturday marked but with christmas music playing from the CD stall rather than old songs, so we're going to travel in to a city closer to us to get the full feel for it.
    It's a shame that (as far as I know) we don't have any out door ice skating rings near by, going in doors will be a bit or a let down, would much rather be out in the cold.

    Any other ideas of things that can be done during christmas?

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