Regardless or wether or not you like Archie think he's a rapist and don't deserve justice, Bradley is the sweetist ginger haired doctor who mad lad ever in Albert square and if Archie gets justice Bradley gets justice, I don't care about Archie, Stacey, Ronnie, Janine any of 'em say what ya like but Bradley is the 1 who needs justice, in the form of Stacey doing time for her crime and Archie resting in peace, how is Peggy Mitchell Phil Mitchell's Mum cos she was prob the only person in EastEnders who were not on crack cos she accautly said that she forgave Archie and he should rest in peace obviously the rest of the square was dancing in the street on the roof to take what Peggie said on board which anyone outside of soapland would an as for Ronnie messing up Archie's grave UUURRRGGGHHHH worse then the bloody baby swap, she makes Steven Beale look like somebody who actually has a washing machine and the people on the plane who let Stacey leave the country must have been the same people who was selling Phil his crack, or maybe the law and order people who let Corrie's Tracy Barlow out of jail cos she was not guilty of killing Charlie, or perhaps the old bill who took David Platt's word for it over the attack on Miss Barlow and I thought that airports were not taking any chances on who they let on the plane aint Osama bin Laden a wanted criminal on the run from the law? And what's with the Masala Queen roof collapse, Yusef has the right idea get the Masoods into the 21st century an accept Syed as gay, proof doctors always have the right diagnosis every time however aint it funny Fred Fonseca had that diagnosis in the 20th century? As for the EastEnders red nose day special s**tist thing I've ever seen shorter then 30 mins and was not a special... RUINED MY RED NOSE DAY NO GODAMN SPECIAL COULD OF WATCHED 1 OF 'EM ANY DAY OF DA YEAR WHY COULD THEY NOT WAITED UNTIL MONDAY LIKE ANY OTHER FLIPPIN YEAR, what happened the special had Phil n Grant back for West-street after heading to East-street in November but Go West by the Pet Shop Boys was scratched so they put Monday episode on by default and what's with the 35 min episodes... OMG THE TIMES OF THE EPISODES IN EASTENDERS MAY WELL BE THE ONLY THING MORE DAFT THEN THE STORYLINES, I think Billie Jackson had the right idea, in Walford the birthday he popped his clogs on would be the best crack any1 could have on them birthday!